The club has enjoyed numerous guest coaching sessions, including:-

Adam Whitehead (Aug 2014 and December 2014)

His achievements include:

1998 – European champion, 200m Breaststroke

2002 – Commonwealth Games champion, 100m Breaststroke

2000 – Olympian 100m Breaststroke

20140830-182254.jpgphoto 2


Ross Davenport (Dec 2013)

His achievements include:

2004 – Olympic Finalist, Athens, 4th Position, 4x200m Freestyle relay

2006 – Gold, Commonwealth Games, Melbourne, 200m Freestyle and the 4 x 200m Freestyle relay.

2006 – Silver, European Championships 4 x 200m Freestyle relay.

2008 – Olympic Finalist, Beijing, 4th Position 4x200m Freestyle relay in a new British record 7mins 12.60secs.

2009 – World Championships, placed 10th in the 200m freestyle and was also a member of the 4x100m and 4x200m freestyle relays

2010 – Silver, Commonwealth Games, 4x100m Freestyle relay

2012 – Olympic Finalist, London, 6th Position 4x200m Freestyle relay



Chris Cook (Mar 2012)

His achievements include:

2003 – British & Commonwealth Record Holder 100m Breaststroke
2003 – European Championship Finalist 100m breaststroke
2004 – Olympic Games, Athens, 200m breaststroke, Semi Final
2005 – World Championships finalist 100m & 50m Breaststroke, Montreal
2005 – European Bronze medallist in 4x50m medley relay, Trieste
2006 – Double Commonwealth Champion, Commonwealth Record Holder
2006 – Bronze Medallist World Championship, 50m Breaststroke,
2006 – Bronze Medallist European championships, Budapest, Hungary 4x100m medley relay
2008 – British & Commonwealth Record, first British male to break the 60 second barrier, (59.88) 100m breaststroke
2008 – Olympic Finalist, Beijing, Olympic Games, 6th Position 4x100m medley relay (British Record)

Chris Cook 07Chris Cook 02Chris Cook 03Chris Cook 04



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