The Club offers a range of squads to suit all abilities.
Each squad has differing entry criteria and training volumes.

Club membership fees entitle each swimmer to the equivalent of 46 weeks of training per annum.  Fees are spread across 52 standard monthly payments.  This allows for the 2 week break in August, some disruption to session times over the Christmas and Easter break and for some sessions being cancelled due to galas.  Fees must be paid consistently to cover coaching pay, etc. during our down periods.

Due to to a small number of parents giving notice to quit in July and August, then planning to re-join in September, we implement a £75 re-joining fee per swimmer.
The re-joining fee will be applied to any swimmer who ‘leaves’ in the months of Jul/Aug and returns in Sep/Oct and is applicable across all squads. Swimmer/s will not be allowed to rejoin training until the fee is paid.

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