The Club’s photos are stored using third party software / app called Flickr.
We have around 20,000 photos
saved here dating back to the 1970’s!

The club’s photo archive can be accessed here: [LINK] or via the club’s main website (scroll down to the selection of photos and click on ‘more photos’ below).

A selection of some 200-300 photos are ‘public’ these have already been shared on other social media sites. Access to the full archive is strictly controlled and only accessible to persons with ‘Friend’ status.  To access the full archive, set yourself up with a Flickr account and follow Thanet SwimClub (the Admins will receive a notification), if you are well-known at the club through volunteering etc. you will be automatically given ‘Friend’ status, if this doesn’t happen or if you are having trouble finding the account, please email Karen Crabtree with: (i) your Flickr user name; (ii) the email address that you used to set up the account; and (iii) your swimmer/s name/s.

The photos are best viewed using the ‘Albums’ view – these are organised as latest event first.  If you scroll past all the events you will find individual albums for each swimmer – remember to ‘LIKE’ the photos of your swimmer/s from the events and we will link them into the swimmer’s individual album so you can find them easily in future.

Swimmer’s ‘Happy Birthday’ posts on Instagram:
We can only post ‘happy birthday’ messages on the club’s instagram account if we can find nice/fun photos of the swimmers – it is the responsibility of the swimmer’s parent/s or guardians to ‘like’ the photos of their swimmers on Flickr so we can build an album for each swimmer.
Note:  We don’t generally post birthday messages for swimmers under 10 years old as they shouldn’t be on social media.  We don’t generally post for Academy swimmers as they’re mostly too young and don’t tend to stay long enough to get an album on Flickr.  Sometimes the members list used for birthdays is not up to date. This is run by volunteers and sometimes they do not have time to get this done.  If we’ve missed your swimmer please send a ‘swimming’ related photo of your swimmer to and she will post a belated birthday message. We have asked for a SocMed coordinator for each squad to help with this activity, but no-one has volunteered.

This resource is for club members only –  please use these photos sensibly – only download photos of yourself or your family’s photos – any mis-use of  photos will result in access permissions being removed (we can see what people download).

Taking these photos and managing this resource takes a massive amount of time – we do it as a fundraiser towards fun events for our swimmers.  We ask that if you download a photo, please make a voluntary contribution of £1 per download – this is really simple via the PayPal link below, or via cash or cheque to Thanet Swim Club in an envelope marked ‘Photo Donations’ to Lynn Gates and posted in the club letterbox on the balcony at Hartsdown.

Photo donation

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