Development Gala

Huge THANK YOU to everyone who competed, coached, voluteered and supported our rescheduled Development Gala this weekend. There were some fabulous races amongst our huge team of over 90 Swimmers.  Well done especially to the swimmers that were competing for the very first time.  Thank you to everyone that donated to and organised the raffle and cakes & sweets stall.  Photos of the swimmers kindly taken by John Rothman are now on the Club’s Flickr Account – please remember to donate £1 per download towards club fundraising.2018-03-10 13.34.06

Wycombe Level 1 Premier Meet

Well done to our team that raced at the Wycombe Level 1 Premier Meet this weekend.  Our squad of 12 swimmers competed in 51 races.  27 races placed ‘top 8’.
8 MEDALS were won by the team and 10 long course PBs were achieved during this high level, ‘early season’ competition.
Max Jameson: GOLD (200IM) and GOLD (200Back)
Beth Williams:
GOLD (100Brst)
Hannah Denny:
SILVER (100Fly) SILVER (200Free)
Charley Langford: SILVER (400Free)
Halle Broughton: SILVER (50Free)
Lily Jewell: Bronze (200Brst)
Also swimming was Oscar Miles (4 LC PBs), Luke Fowle (2 LC PBs),
Kieran Dale (1 LC PB), Eva Oldfield (1 LC PB), Olivia Miles, Nicole Palmer-Jones,

Daisy – European Junior team selection!

Congratulations to Daisy Anderson on her selection for the British Swimming team going to the European Junior Championships in Helsinki, Finland in July!

2018-03-09 13.34.44

British Championships 2018

Massive well done to our team of swimmers who made it to the British Swimming Championships in Edinburgh during the recent snow storms.
Daisy Anderson won the Junior 400IM and set a new meet record! She also came second in the Junior 200IM and made the Junior final in the 200Back.
Maisie Macartney came second in the Junior 800Free, 3rd in the Junior 400Free and 4th in the Open 1500m.
Katie Latham won Bronze in the Women’s Open 50 Freestyle.
Max Jameson made Junior finals in the 200Fly and the 200Back.
Also competing were:
Sam Crabtree, Hannah Denny, Olivia Miles, Robyn Moon, Jamie O’Connor.
Thank you to Coach Dan Cross for managing the team single handedly for 4 very long days.2018-03-09 14.14.54

Rescheduled Thanet Development Gala

Due to the Kent Primary Schools Individuals Gala now being combined with the Kent Primary Schools Relays on Sat 24th March, we are able to run the Thanet Development Gala next Saturday, 10th March. As always, many thanks to Your Leisure for their help and support at such short notice.

Club Records

Well done to the following swimmers that have recently broken Club Records:
Daisy Anderson 50 Butterfly, 200 IM & 400 IM
Hannah Denny 100 Butterfly
Charley Langford 50 Freestyle
Olivia Parpworth 100 Backstroke

You must claim your record/s – if there are any more, please follow the process explained on the Club Records page here: [Link]
The posters at Hartsdown will next be updated after Regionals.

Kent Championships – Weekend 4

2018-02-10-09-26-48.jpgFor the forth and final weekend of Kents at Crystal Palace our team were racing sprints at the London Aquatics Centre.  We had 49 swimmers in 151 races, 78 of which placed top 8.  All in, the team won 13 Gold, 16 Silver and 12 Bronze ‘age group’ medals. An amazing 81% of races returned 123 LC PBs!
A special well done to our debut County swimmers: Milly Roe and Amy Topping.
Age Group category medallists this weekend were:
Alex Boyd (1xG, 1xB), Amber Piper (1xB), Archie Hawkins (2xG, 1xS),
Beth Williams (1xG, 1xS), Charley Langford (1xG, 2xB),
Conor Wright (1xS, 1xB), Daisy Anderson (2xG, 1xB),
Halle Broughton (1xB), Hannah Denny (1xG), Josh Crabtree (1xS),
Katie Latham (1xG, 1xS), Kieran Dale (1xS), Liam Hamp (2xG, 1xS),
Lily Jewell (1xB), Luke Fowle (1xB), Maddie Lay (1xS, 1xB),
Maisie Macartney (1xS), Max Jameson (1xS),
Olivia Parpworth (1xG, 1xS), Saskia Mayburgh (1xS),
Tamzin Myburgh (1xS), Tobi Sijuade (2xS, 1xB),
William Reeves (1xG, 1xS, 1xB).

Thanet Development Gala 3rd March – Accepted Entries

Accepted Entries for our Development Gala on 3rd March are available to download at the link below – please remember to check your entries and advise of any errors asap: REVISED ENTRY LIST: 2018-03-03 TDG Accepted Entries Draft v2

Thank you to all the clubs that have entered this gala – we’ve had an amazing response and really value your support. In order to be able to accept as many entries as possible, we have dropped the 50m Free Finals but we will still award cash prizes to the top swimmers on a HDW basis.

Session 1: Warm up 12 noon, Start 12:55 – anticipated end 16:15
Session 2: Warm up   16:20,  Start 17:15 – anticipated end 20:30

2018-03-03 TDG Flyer

Kent Championships – Weekend 3

The third weekend of Kents at Crystal Palace was our best weekend for results so far.  The girls were racing the Fly & Breast and the boys were racing the Back & Free.  We had 48 swimmers in 114 races, 77 of which placed top 8.
All in, the team won 14 Gold, 16 Silver and 12 Bronze ‘age group’ medals.
An amazing 79% of races returned 90 LC PBs!
A special well done to our debut County swimmers:
Betty Regelous and Isabella Piper.
Age Group category medallists this weekend were:
Alana Wright (1xB), Alex Boyd (1xG & 2xS), Amber Piper (1xS),
Archie Hawkins (2xS, 1xB), Ben Millington (1xS), Beth Williams (2xG),
Charley Langford (3xG & 1xS), Conor Wright (2xS), Daisy Anderson (2xG, 1xB),
Eva Oldfield (2xB), Hannah Denny (1xS), Kieran Dale (2xS),
Liam Hamp (1xG & 2xS), Lola Sutton (2xB), Luca McAvoy (1xB),
Maisie Macartney (1xS), Maria Evans (1xG), Max Jameson (2xG),
Max Parpworth (1xB), Nicole Palmer-Jones (1xB), Olivia Miles (1xG),
Olivia Parpworth (1xG, 1xS, 1xB) and William Reeves (1xG & 1xB).

Kent Championships – Weekend 2

The second weekend of Kents at Crystal Palace was Fly & Brst for the boys and Back & Free for the girls.  We had 45 swimmers in 112 races,  66 of which placed top 8.  All in, the team won 12 Gold, 11 Silver and 12 Bronze ‘age group’ medals.  54% of races returned LC PBs!  Well done to our debut County swimmers: Annabel Evans, Gregor Hutchison and Nedas Liutkevicius.
Age Group category medallists this weekend were:
Alex Boyd (1xS & 1xB), Archie Hawkins (1xG), Charley Langford (1xG & 1xB),
Conor Wright (1xB), Daisy Anderson (2xG & 1xS), Evie Slater (2xB),
Hannah Denny (1xB), Katie Latham (1xB), Kieran Dale (1xB), Liam Hamp (2xS),
Luca McAvoy (1xS), Maisie Macartney (1xG & 1xB), Max Jameson (2xG),
Max Parpworth (1xG), Olivia Miles (1xS), Olivia Parpworth (2xG & 1xS),
Oliver Pope (1xB), Tamzin Myburgh (1xG), Tobi Sijuade (1xS).
2018-01-28 21.11.05

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