Records posters as per November 2019*:
Link: [Girls Records Feb 2020]
Link: [Boys Records Feb 2020]
(Next update of posters will be mid March, after Kents)

Club records are updated regularly after major events.
To claim a new club record, please email Glenn Crompton  and cc the club secretary Alison Pope 

You need to state swimmers: name, age on day,  gala, date, event and time achieved
(all times to be short course – please convert LC times).
If the record was obtained on the first leg of a relay, you will need to get your coach to verify the record.

The Club Records notice boards at Hartsdown will be updated three times per year*, these will be:
4 weeks after the last day of Kents (mid March)
Will include Winter Regions & Winter Nationals
4 weeks after the last day of Regionals (early July)
Will include British Championships times
4 weeks after the last day of Nationals 
(early Sept)

*To ensure new records make it into the latest printed edition, please submit your times no later than two weeks after the last day of each competition.  Claims for records can be made at any time, online data will be updated within two weeks of notification, posters will only be updated three times per year due to printing costs.

Kent Records are here [link]
SE Region records are here [link]

Latest records to have been broken in 2022/2021:
Rosie Pope (age 12)
1500m Free (18:30.20) on 23rd January 2022 at the Kent County Championships

Oliver Pope (age 15)

800m Free (08:15.68) on 15th November 2021 at  Club Champs

(* Converted from Long Course times)

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