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Matrix 2019-11

Kent Junior League #KJL

A two league system made up from clubs based in Kent for swimmers aged 9-13 years (at end of year). We enter an A-team and a B-team for this league.  If selected, swimmers will receive an email from our KJL rep (Alison Pope) a few weeks prior to the gala. Responses will be expected to confirm availability and whether a space is required on the coach.
KJL rules can be found here: [Link]
2018-03-17 Sheerness GalaFuture gala dates:
2020: 6th Jun, 12th Sep & 21st Nov

Arena League #NASL
2018-04-21-arena-squad.jpgA National competition spread over various areas and divisions.  There are three rounds of galas for each division, which take place in Oct, Nov & Dec each year.  We enter an A-team (Premier Division) and a B-team (Division 1 East). Age groups are U12, U14, U16 and Open (age at 31st Dec).  Our coaches select the fastest teams for these galas, swimmers may be selected for individual events and relays or just relays only. Every swimmer is equally important to the success of the team.  Dual age groups mean that swimmers who are not selected one year may be selected the next year (e.g. a 12 year-old can no longer compete in the U12 category, but may not be selected to swim in the U14 category, as there may be faster 13 year-old swimmers).  Selected swimmers will be notified by our League Rep.
It is vital that you accept/reject your place as soon as you receive an invitation.
See the National Arena Swimming League web-site for rules, etc. here: [Link]
Future gala dates:
2019/20: 12th Oct, 9th Nov, South Final 14th Dec
National Final 7/8th March 2020
2020/21: Mid Oct, mid Nov, South Final 8th Dec
National Final Mar / April 2021

Selection for National Finals is top two teams from each Regional Final and then places are made up from the ‘top teams’ based on a ‘virtual gala’ using times swum by ALL teams in the Premier Division finals.

Ruling from recent issue at a swim league in the SE Region:

At a recent event, some swimmers’ entries were refused as they did not comply with a league’s ‘First Claim’ rule, that all swimmers enter for the club with which they are member for the longest time. The parent of the swimmers raised a formal complaint, as they felt the league’s action was unfair.

The Swim England Judicial Commissioner found that the league had not taken the correct interpretation of the Swim England Rules and Regulations. She has told the league to change their rules to remove this condition. Swim England Regulations state that no club may prevent a swimmer from belonging to, or competing for, another club. The Commissioner has stated that this also applies to the organisers of events such as leagues and associations.
We all do our best to run good events for our swimmers. We use Swim England Rules and Regulations, but sometimes we get it wrong, not on purpose, but because the rules are not written to explicitly cover every case. It is unfortunate when this leads to a complaint that no-one really wants, but is needed to get a judgement to sort it out the correct way for our swimmers.


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