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Tenerife 2016

The club held warm weather camp in February half term 2016 at the T3 facility in Tenerife.  The 2016 trip was been a huge success with a lot of great memories.

The club would like thank the coaches and helpers, as well as the swimmers for representing the club so well.


Day 7

Starting off our final, it was more of the same, breakfast and off to the pool for training.
The weather sunny and hot when the sun came up, it was a great start to the day.After training, we headed back to the hotel, for more breakfast and downtime around the pool.After lunch, it was time for the treat challenge swim session. Average times were taken for everyone in the team for 50m Fly, Back, Breast, Free and then 100m Free and 200m IM.  Team Hobknob Bandits came out on top, taking the points.

imageAs a treat to everyone for doing so well this week, the swimmers were treated to an ice cream on the way home.

After another buffet dinner, it was time for Thanet has Talent, with some unique acts:-

After the visual acts, it was time to go and attack the karaoke, with some varying abilities.

Day 6

A busy day was planned, with three groups getting up at different times.

The older half were up at 6am for a quick grab and go to the pool for a tough 2 hour set. The younger half were allowed to wake up at 6.30am for a grab and go breakfast and an hour and half of skills training. Then a few of the older 400m IM swimmers were allowed to wake at 7am for breakfast, before wandering up to the pool to train with Hannah Miley and coach (Father) Pat Miley.

At 9am we then started to get the swimmers into the flume tank for some filming of their strokes. Everyone got a go at freestyle and a form stroke.

Once everyone had completed a turn, it was time for Aaron and Keiron to show they could still mix it. Unfortunately the swimmers were swimming at around 1.6-1.8 meters per second, for the two of them, the rate was increased to 2.1 meters per second, a tough ask for the likes of Michael Phelps. Once everyone had been filmed, it was back to the hotel for lunch and a bit of down time.

The weather was a bit variable, with rain one minute and bright sunshine the next,  so sun bathing wasn’t on the agenda.

At 1.30pm it was back to the pool, for the 2nd session where we ended up having most of the pool to ourselves.  Once through it was a stretch and core workout in the gym, before heading back to the hotel.

Tonight’s dinner was a bit of everything, with Indian, Italian, Spanish and the usual chips and pizza.

To finish off a long day, we had a Kangaroo court, where a lot of secrets were shared, all in good humour to our own Judge Dan.


Day 5
The day started with a breakfast grab and run to the pool. We must be acclimatised as it felt cold at 19 degrees.

Starting in the dark under the floodlights before the sun rise at 7am, is a great experience for the swimmers.  After the morning 2 hour session it was back to the hotel for a mega breakfast.  The weather changed to be a bit windy, so downtime included pool, table tennis, chess and time to catch up on social media.

At 12:30pm it was time for lunch, a choice of salads, fruits, burgers, chicken, fish,  pastas and the dreaded chips and pizza.  Off to the pool again at 1.15pm, ready for another 5k of swimming in the lovely sun.  By the end, even the coaches were ready to swim. Aaron showed he still had it in him, swimming a 59 for 100m free, whilst Keiron swum a 1.05.
After training, it was punishment time for three girls who overslept and were late for training. See video of their challenge. However most of the swimmers and coaches had a go after, with Keiran Dale struggling with the cold the most and Connor Lowry doing a full 6 minutes with Claire and Keiron in the coach v swimmer challenge.

Back at the hotel, it was time for dinner where we were presented with chicken, pork, fish, pasta, paella and a full range of salads and deserts.

We all celebrated a first tonight, as for the 1st time this trip we witnessed the sight of Aaron eating a piece of fruit.

Then evening entertainment was a challenge to not break an egg from a drop from the 2nd floor. Unfortunately Jordan smashed his egg before evening getting to the 2nd floor.

Day 4

As we reached the half way point of the camp, the swimmers were allowed a morning off and lay in until 8.30am, before taking the normal full array of breakfast choices and provided with a packed lunch.

At 9.45am we were off to the water park! On the coach we realised it was a bit of a squeeze, as not enough seats, so some had to quickly jump in the car to follow the bus.

At the park, we had one of the helpers, Paul confirming he wasn’t going on the slides, so he was marshalling our sun loungers and bags. Everyone then dissappeared eager to get on with the fun.

It didn’t take long for Paul to realise he was missing out and joined the older boys for a knockout mat slide race.

Finishing up the visit, Paul was crowned the mat slide champion. However the prize for gaff of the day, went to Daisy Anderson for breaking her bikini on the Kamakazee slide.

The team went straight to the pool after the park, where the sun was at its most intense at over 27 degrees. The swimmers were running out of sun tan lotion. The coaches however were looking rather red, so Aaron decided to invest in a new hat.  After another tough session was in the bank, it was in the gym for a small matter of an easy land training session.

When completed, it was back to the hotel for the normal amazing spread and a BBQ dinner of ribs, chicken, pork and sausages.  Then evening entertainment was a quiz night provided by Aaron and Keiron, where the coaches team came out on top.

Day 3

imageKnowing today was going to be tough, the swimmers were up at 6am for a quick breakfast before a run to the pool.  A bit of a cloudy start meant it was comfortable for the morning session at 20 degrees.

Back at the hotel, a big breakfast was taken by all, as the swimmers were looking rather weary.

imageDowntime allowed for the swimmers to soak up the sun around the pool and go to the supermarket.

After a steak lunch, it was back to the pool, for the 2nd session, where we were training next to Hannah Miley.

In 26 degrees sunny weather it was Keiran Dale leading the way with applying the suntan lotion, slapping it on everywhere. Some of the swimmers have already got great swimmer tans (white heads where swim hats are).

imageOnce land training was completed, it was back to the hotel for dinner and evening entertainment of Casino night.

The swimmers are in teams for the week and collecting points for prizes. After the entertainment it was off to bed, ready for a morning off and a trip to the water park.

Day 2

The team woke early for a quick breakfast of fruit, toast and cereals before setting off for the first session.

image image
After training it was back for more breakfast including a full English. Then it was chill time around the pool, where some of them joined in with the aqua aerobics.

Enjoying the 27 degrees sun, swimmers  topped up their tans.

With full board, the team then had a full on lunch, before going back to the pool for the 2nd session.

Post session was stretching and land training, before a treat of an ice bath.


Back at the hotel, dinner was taken before we then had evening entertainment organised by Keiron. (Around the world game).
imageDay 1 

The group set off early to meet at Gatwick at 10.30. A group of 27 swimmers looking forward to some fierce training in a fantastic warm weather environment.

After 10 minutes of the flight, the pressure was getting to the coaches.

imageHowever after a early arrival the team were off to the hotel and settle in.

Settling in for Dinner the team were presented with a banquet of salads, dressed crab, breads and hot food of chicken fajitas, ribs, chilli and rice, chips, garlic bread and deserts of cakes, chocolate fountain, ice cream and fruits.

There was something for everything, although Aaron seemed to struggle.

imageAfter dinner was time for a gentle walk up to the pool, ready for tomorrow when the training kicks off.


Before getting to bed, the small matter of a trip to the supermarket to stock up on essentials.


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