Each year the Club holds a Club Championships, the event is typically split over a series of weekends and/or evenings typically throughout Sept/Oct.


Club Championships awards are presented at Presentation Evening:
Medals are awarded to the top 6 swimmers in age groups: 11, 10, 9, 8 & under.
Certificates are presented to swimmers in age groups: 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16 & over.
Swimmers are grouped into ‘Performance’ and ‘Competition*’
(* for simplicity, this includes Development, Skills and Academy squad swimmers)
The event is ‘Age on Day‘ on the last day of the series of competition dates
Trophies remain the property of the Club and must be returned by the start of club champs the following season.

Clarifications on awards in the event of a tie:
In the event of a tie on FINA points then the swimmer with the biggest number of highest ranking medals will take the higher place (#G > #S > #B).
In the event of a tie of CLUB points (for 8yrs & under 25m events) a ‘tie’ will be declared. (If the tie is for the first place trophy, the swimmers will share the trophy.  Both swimmers’ names will be engraved on the trophy. Each swimmer will retain the trophy six-months, the youngest swimmer will retain the trophy for the first six months from presentation evening and then hand it over to the older swimmer after six months).


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