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If you are a Thanet Swim Club member (including Masters and parents/guardians) and are interested in participating in our open water training sessions or joining us at planned events this season please e-mail Karen Crabtree so we can include you in our circulation list for more detailed information as we approach the open water swimming season (commencing early June 2019).

Training dates for 2019: To be confirmed, provisional dates are:
Sun 2nd June
Inductions / training for swimmers doing Great Swims, Kent OW, SER OW, etc.
Sun 16th June
Training only for swimmers doing Great Swims, Kent OW or SER OW, etc.
(Must already have a Leybourne pass as no inductions are available on this day).
Sun 7th July
Inductions / training for swimmers doing SER OW or National OW
Register your interest for any of these events here: [ LINK ]

Location:  We are currently planning our OW training arrangements for 2019.
We expect to hold our training sessions at Leybourne Lake, Snodland.
We hope to return to Holborough Lakes for training in 2020.

Coaching:  We do not have an open water coach, but our experienced OW youth swimmers are on hand to give advice both in and out of the water.

Health & Safety: All swimmers will be required to complete a one-off open water induction before they will be allowed to swim for the first time at the lake (for which there is a charge of £30 per swimmer at Leybourne (permits from 2018 remain valid for 2019).  This is for health and safety reasons and is compulsory.  Wetsuits are compulsory at Leybourne, they can be hired at the venue for a fee of approx. £2.50 p/h.

Open Water Fun-Day & TSC OW Champs:
Friday 30th August 2019
We will be holding this event at Action Watersports at Lydd near Dungeness (as per 2018). This is later in the season, when the water is a bit warmer for younger swimmers. We will hold ‘Nationals’ distance ‘Time-Trials’ (recommended distances below are aligned with distances swimmers ought to race for the 2020 season) – or swim as far as you like.  Then we will have fun relays, followed by stand-up paddle boarding and then an hour’s full-on AQUASPLASH inflatable fun (see slides below) and a ‘bring your own’ BBQ from around 5pm until 6pm.
Time trial age groups and distances (Age at EoY 2019 for 2020 preparation):
10 yrs = 1km   |  11-12 yrs = 2km  |  13-14 yrs = 3km   |  15+ yrs: 5km
Races £10, shared use of Stand-up paddle boards £10, AQUASPLASH 1 Hour £15
If there are any spaces left then siblings and parents may join in the AquaSpash too at £15 per person. Spaces strictly limited – First-come-first-served – Bookings open here [ LINK ]

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Other information:

Cold water familiarisation:  As can be seen below, open water temperatures are around 8-10 degrees colder than a typical training pool (27 degrees).  Because of this swimmers will require a formal induction at one of our training sessions.  This allows swimmers to familiarise themselves with swimming in colder water and build their tolerance to it by learning how to control their breathing on entry to cold water and learning to recognise the signs of when it’s time to get out because of the cold.  Swimmers also need to get used to swimming in wetsuits as, whilst they provide the benefit of additional buoyancy, they do increase resistance around the shoulder which the swimmer must get used to before trying to race in a wetsuit in order to avoid shoulder strain.

Example open water venue temperatures:
For reference, our training lakes at Holborough / Leybourne are usually around the 18 degree mark in early June and 20 degrees by August.  Windermere in June is typically around 16 degrees.  The SER OW venue at Chichester lake in July has been consistently around 20 degrees for the last few years, the Kent OW venue at Surrey Docks likewise.  The temperature of the Thames at Henley varies dependent on rainfall; it ranges from 16-20 degrees in June / July.

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