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Thanet Development Gala

Thank you to everyone that attended our Development Gala on Saturday 2nd March. Thank you to all visiting clubs: Ashford, Canterbury, Dover, Faversham, Folkestone, Herne Bay, Maidstone and Sheerness, we had over 400 swimmers in entered for 1361 races! Full results are available [here].
Photographs from the event are available to purchase via the following links:

Warm Up (password: 6NKqMMkf96) Works
(WTqcQYp2Go) Works
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Free access to photographs of Thanet swimmers will be on Flickr soon,
access details [here]

Five swimmers selected for the SE Region 11 year old development pathway

Congratulations to Athena, Ivy, Harry, Olexa and Nedas on being selected for the SE Region 11 year old development pathway camps!


Congratulations to all SEVENTY of our swimmers that qualified for, and competed at, the Kent County Swimming Championships in January and February – they had 502 races between them!  Special WELL DONE to our 15 swimmers that made their Kent’s debut! (see * below)
Full results:

2019-01 KENTS (Tw)5.PNG

107 Medals which placed us 2nd in the medals table (39 Gold, 36 Silver & 32 Bronze) and another 142 finalists too!

Weekend 4 Achievements
We had 54 swimmers in 136 races
6x Kent Open & Jnr Champions
Kent Best swimmer Trophy: Daisy Anderson
Max 100 & 200 Back, Charlie 200Free (x2), Daisy 100 & 200Fly
37 Age Group Medals
15 Golds: Max 100 & 200Back, Charley 200Back, 100 & 200Free, Archie 100 & 200Back, Daisy 200Brst, 100 & 200Fly, Ivy 100Fly, Olivia-P 100 & 200Fly, Maria 200Fly, Sam 100Free.
10 Silvers: Josh 100 & 200Back, Daisy 100Brst, Sam 100Back, Charley 100Back, Maisie 100 & 200 Fly, Athena 100Fly, Olexa 200Fly, Liam 100Free.
12 Bronzes: Alex 200Back, Ollie 200Back, Nedas 200Back, Maddy 100 & 200 Brst, Luca 100Back & 200Free, Amber 200Brst, Liam 200Free, Archie 200Free, Nicole 200Fly, Ali 100Free.
37 additional Finalists (HDW places 4-8)
100 Free: Archie, Tobi, William, Josh, Luca, Ashton
200 Free: Ali, Ashton, William
100 Fly: Olexa, Lola, Maria, Alana, Milly, Nicole
200 Fly: Alana, Lola, Olivia-M, Annabel, Amber
100 Brst: Amber, Lily, Amy, Olivia-P, Niamh, Athena
200 Brst:
Olivia-M, Niamh, Olivia-P, Alana

100 Back: Liam, Nedas, Ben
200 Back:
Sam, Liam, Jack, Ben

Weekend 3 Achievements
We had 58 swimmers in 132 races
6x Kent Open & Jnr Champions
Max-J 100 & 200 Fly, Daisy 200Free, 100 & 200Back, Alex 100Brst,
22 Age Group Medals
9 Golds: Archie 100Fly, Max-J 100 & 200Fly, Daisy 200Free, 100 & 200Back, Maisie 100Free, Alex 100Brst, Tamzin 200Back,
6 Silvers: Charley 100Fly, Olivia-P 200Free & 200Back, Archie 200Fly, Tobi 100Brst, Oscar-M 100Brst
7 Bronzes: Liam 100Fly, Ivy 200Free, Olivia-P 100Free & 100 Back, Charley 200Fly, Oscar-M 200Brst, Luke 200Brst
41 additional Finalists (HDW places 4-8)
100 Free: Halle, Daisy, Ivy, Athena, Amber, Alana, Nicole, Evie
200 Free: Amber, Alana, Maddy, Nicole, Robyn, Olexa, Olivia-M
100 Fly: Jack, Ali, Harry, Josh, Alex, 
200 Fly: Liam, Kieran, Oscar, Toby
100 Brst: Liam, Nedas, Harry, Gregor, Liam
200 Brst:

100 Back: Halle, Robyn, Olexa, Ivy, Katie-M, Lucy
200 Back:
Olexa, Maisie, Halle, Robyn, Niamh

Weekend 2 Achievements
6x Kent Open & Jnr Champions
Alex 200IM, Daisy 200IM & Charley 800Free (x2) & 400 Free (x2)
24 Age Group Medals
10 Golds: Alex 200IM, Daisy 200IM, Charley 400 & 800Fr, Oscar-M 800Fr, Tamzin 400Fr, Olivia-P 200IM & 400IM, Olivia-M 400IM, Athena 200IM
8 Silvers: Tamzin 200IM & 400IM, Olivia-M 1500Fr, Maddy 1500Fr, Evie 1500Fr, Amber 400Fr, Olivia-P 400Fr, Lily 400IM
6 Bronzes: Ivy 200IM, Lily, 1500Fr, Alana 1500Fr, Olivia-M 400Fr, Kieran 400IM, Oscar-M 400IM
29 additional Finalists (HDW places 4-8)
200IM:  Luke, Oscar-M, Conor, Josh, Will, Liam-H, Nedas & Jack
200IM:  Olivia-M, Katie, Lily, Maddy & Olexa
400IM: Conor, Will, Maddy, Alana, Amber, JasmineP
400Fr: Lily, Evie, Maddy, Olexa, Athena, Kieran, Nedas, Will & Sam
800Fr: Ben

Weekend 1 Achievements
24 Age Group Medals
6 Golds: Liam 50Fr, Evie 800Fr, Tobi 50Br, Conor 50Br, Tobi 50Fly, Oscar 1500Fr
10 Silvers: Alex 50Fr, 50Br & 50Fly, Amber 50Br, Maddy 50 Br, Archie 1500Fr & 50Bk Olivia-P 800Fr & 50Bk, Liam 50Fly
8 Bronzes: Josh 50Fr, Olivia-P 50Fly, Alana 800Fr, Nicole 800Fr, Olivia-M 800Fr, Halle 50Fr, Archie 50Fly, Robyn 50Bk
35 additional Finalists (incl HDW places 4-8)
50Fr: Archie, Ali, Tobi, Ashton, Olivia-P, Olexa, Amber, Athena
50Br: Lily, Olivia-P, Amy-T, Niamh, Oscar-M, Ali, Liam, Gregor
50Fly: Ivy, Halle, Tamzin, Harry, Luke & Luca
50Bk: Liam, Luca, Nedas, Max-P, Tamzin, Olexa, Evie & Lucy
800Fr: Lily, Maddy & Lola
1500Fr: Oli-P & Ben

SER International Squad – Flanders

WELL DONE to our team that represented the South East Region at the Flanders Cup in Belgium over the 19/20th January, they had some amazing results:
Maisie won THREE GOLDs in the 1500, 800 & 400 Free, and also made the final in the 200 Free.
Daisy won a SILVER for the 400IM (just behind Olympian Katinka Hosszu) and a BRONZE for the 200IM, both were PB’s and are new Club Records! She also finalled in her two other races, the 200 & 100 Fly, placing 7th &14th respectively.
Katie made the A final in the 50 Free finishing 8th and also raced the 50 Fly & 100 Free placing 17th & 24th respectively.
Charley completed in the 1500, 400, 200 and 100 Free, he set a new personal best time in the 1500 Free of 16:25 and placed 10th overall!
Max raced in the 100 & 200 back and the 50 & 100 Fly.

The team was selected for having won ‘Open’ races at the SE Region Winter Short Course Championships in November. Our Head Coach Dan Cross performed the role of Head Coach for the South East Region Team.

2019-01-20 18.15.01

SE Region International Team

Good luck to Dan and the crew travelling out to Belgium on Thursday as part of the SE Region International team that will be racing in the Flanders Cup at the weekend. Charley, Daisy, Katie, Maisie & Max were all invited to join the team having won ‘Open’ races at the SE Region Winter Short Course Championships in November.

2019-01-19 ser flanders (tw)

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