Surprise for John White from his ex-swimmers

On Thursday evening, John White was coaching his junior squad as usual, when suddenly, “Eye of the Tiger” came blaring out of the sound system.  John, in his usual manner, marched up to the lifeguards and demanded that he music be turned off.
Little did he know that this was the prompt for an amazing surprise…
A parade of over 40 of John’s ex swimmers marched on to poolside for one last opportunity to join in some swim training under John’s legendary coaching!!!
There were laughs, tears and even a case of cramp as John set them about their paces: 50m of each stroke, followed by several relays.
After the training session, Your Leisure made a very special presentation, they have officially named the balcony at Hartsdown ‘The John White Stand‘ and commemorative signage was unveiled.
This very special event was organised by John’s ex-swimmers Carol Cook, Scott Miles and Warren Reeves as a thank you to John.

Photographs taken during the evening are available here: Photos2017-12-14-john-white-surprise.png


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