Wycombe Level 1 Premier Meet

Well done to our team that raced at the Wycombe Level 1 Premier Meet this weekend.  Our squad of 12 swimmers competed in 51 races.  27 races placed ‘top 8’.
8 MEDALS were won by the team and 10 long course PBs were achieved during this high level, ‘early season’ competition.
Max Jameson: GOLD (200IM) and GOLD (200Back)
Beth Williams:
GOLD (100Brst)
Hannah Denny:
SILVER (100Fly) SILVER (200Free)
Charley Langford: SILVER (400Free)
Halle Broughton: SILVER (50Free)
Lily Jewell: Bronze (200Brst)
Also swimming was Oscar Miles (4 LC PBs), Luke Fowle (2 LC PBs),
Kieran Dale (1 LC PB), Eva Oldfield (1 LC PB), Olivia Miles, Nicole Palmer-Jones,

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