Beckenham Easter Gala

Well done to our team of 28 swimmers that attended the Beckenham gala during the Easter holidays.  Our swimers competed in 105 races and achieved 24 medals! (5 Gold, 6 Silver and 13 Bronze).
Ali Setterfield 1xB, Ben Millington 1xB, Beth Williams 1xB, Charley Langford 1xS, Daisy Anderson 2xS, Halle Broughton 1xS, 1xB, Hannah Denny 2xB,
Katie Latham 1xB, Liam Hamp 1xS, 2xB, Maisie Macartney 1xS, 3xB,
Max Jameson 2xG, Saskia Myburgh 1xG, 1xB, Tamzin Myburgh 1xG,
William Reeves 1xG.

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