South East Region Youth Champs

Our squad of 22 swimmers competed in 87 races over the long weekend.
Our team made 42 finals (with another 18 HDW races placing ‘top 8’)
All in all our team won 34 medals were won (15 Gold, 8 Silver & 11 Bronze)
26 Long Course PBs were also achieved.

Medallists were:
Charley Langford: 3xGOLD (1500Fr, 800Fr*, 400Fr), SILVER (200Fr*), 100Fr
Daisy Anderson: 2xGOLD (200Fly, 200IM), SILV (100Fly*), 2xBRZ (100Bk*, 400Fr*)
Olivia Miles
: 2xGOLD (1500Fr*, 800Fr), SILVER (400IM), BRONZE (400Fr)
Katie Latham: 2xGOLD (50Fr & 50Fly*), BRONZE (100Fr), 50Bk
Beth Williams
: 2xGOLD (100Br & 200Br), BRONZE (50Br), 200IM
Hannah Denny: GOLD (100Fly*), BRONZE (50Fly), 100Fr, 50Fr
Maisie Macartney: GOLD (200Fr), BRONZE (100Fly*), 50Fr
Max Jameson
: GOLD (200Bk), BRONZE (200Fly), 100Bk, 100Fly
Alex Boyd: GOLD (200IM), 50Br, 100Br, 100Fly
Sam Crabtree: SILVER (200Fr), BRONZE (400Fr), 100Bk* & 100Fr
Tamzin Myburgh
: SILV(400IM), 50Br* 100Fl* 200IM* 400Fr *50Fl 100&200Bk 800Fr
Kieran Dale: SILVER (200Fly), 100Fly*, 200Fr*, 400Fr, 200IM, 400IM
Tobi Sijuade: SILVER (50Br), 50Fr*, 100Fr*, 50Fly, 100Br
Oscar Macartney
: SILVER (1500Fr*), 400Fr
Lily Jewell: BRONZE (200Br*), 800Fr*, 50Br, 100Br, 400Fr, 200IM, 400IM
Maria Evans: BRONZE (200Fly)

Also swimming were:
Luke Fowle: 50Br*, 50Fly*, 100Fly*, 200Fly*, 100Br
Nicole PJ
: 1500Fr*, 200Fly, 800Fr
Katie Macrae: 200Bk, 200Fly, 200IM, 400IM
Robyn Moon: 50Bk, 100Bk, 200Bk
Liam Pearshouse: 200Fly
Elloise Clements: 200Bk

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