Summer Nationals

Wishing GOOD LUCK to our team of 25 swimmers heading to the National Summer Swimming Championships this week.  Racing starts on Tuesday 24th July until Saturday 4th August.  The team, led by Head Coach Dan Cross, will be competing in 39 races at British Summer Champs(1), 34 races at Swim England Summer Nationals(2) and 8 races at the National Open Water Festival(3)
Alana Wright3, Alex Boyd1,2, Ben Millington3, Beth Williams1,
Charley Langford1,2, Conor Wright1,2, Daisy Anderson1,2, Halle Broughton2,
Hannah Denny1,2, Jamie O’Connor1, Katie Latham1, Kieran Dale1,2,
Lily Jewell2,3, Maddy Lay2,3, Maisie Macartney1,2,3, Maria Evans2,
Max Jameson1,2, Olivia Miles1,2, Ollie Pope3, Oscar Macartney1,3,
Oscar Miles2, Robyn Moon2, Tamzin Myburgh1,2, Tobi Sijuade1,2
and William Reeves3

2018-07-19-18-02-59.jpg A3P

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