Sheffield premier meet success

Well done to our Swimmers at the City of Sheffield Premier Level 1 meet over the weekend of 29-31st March, it was a really good process-focussed gala.  We had 9 swimmers compete in 46 races with a 52% PB rate! Special mentions for:
GOLD for Olivia (1500Fr) and Liam (50Fly)
SILVER for Max (200Bk)
BRONZE for Liam (100Fly)
Max (6 races and made the finals in ALL of them!), Oscar-M (5 races 3PBs and made the OPEN final in the 200Br!), Liam (PB’d in all 6 races!), Luca (6 races 5PBs), Josh (7 races 4PBs), Halle (6 races 3PBs), Evie (3 races 2PBs).
(The event had combined age groups for 15/16 and 17+ and the finals were 14/U and 15+ only, so this impacted opportunities for finals and medals for our team). 

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