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SE Region Youth Champs 2019

Massive WELL DONE to our youth team at the South East Region championships:
Daisy [GGGSBB,7xF], Halle [SBB, 4xF, 1xPB], Josh [2xF, 1xPB], Kieran,
Hannah [SS, 4xF, 1xPB], Max [BB, 2xF, 2xPB], Lily [2xF, 1xPB],
Charley [GSS, 5xF,1xPB], Maddy [S, 5xF, 1xPB], Maisie [GGSB, 5xF],
Luca [4xF, 2xPB], Olivia [B, 3xF], Oscar [3xF, 1xPB], Ben [2xF],
Robyn [1xF], Tamzin [1xF], Ali [1xF], Milly [1xPB], Tobi [1xPB],
Conor [S, 1xF, 1xPB].
Thank you to our additional relay swimmers: Toby, Luke, Archie
3rd Ladies 4×200 Free (MM, DA, OM, RM)
3rd Ladies 4×100 Medley (RM, LJ, DA, MM)
4th Ladies 4×100 Medley (MM, DA, OM, LJ)
7th & 12 Boys 4x 200Free (OM, LM, AH, JC), (AS, CW, BM, TC)
8th & 18th Boys 4x 100Free (LM, JC, AS, AH), (OM, BM, LF, TC)
9th & 17th Boys 4x 200Free (JC, CW, LF, LM), (AH, OM, AS, BM)
{G=Gold, S=Silver, B=Bronze F=Finalist 1-8, PB = Long Course PB}

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Excellent results from the LAC

Well done to our team that attended the 3-day Beckenham International meet over the Easter weekend.  Our 35-strong team competed in 150 races, and despite the really long days and very hot conditions, our swimmers made a concerted effort to cheer each other on to get the best results – it really paid dividends as a whopping 98 of these races returned great PBs and the team came away with 34 medals!
Standout swims included:
Maddy (GGSSSB all PBs), Amber (GG, 4PBs), Archie (GSSB 5PBs & 1st 14y/o in 800Fr Open), Olivia-M (GSB), Evie (GS 2 PBs), Olivia-P (GS), Ivy (GS 2PBs), Robyn (G), Halle (SSSB 2PBs), Conor (SSB 3PBs), Josh (SBB 6PBs), Kieran (BB), Olexa (B, 2PBs), Liam (B, 4PBs), Toby (PB in all 8 races!), Ben (5PBs), Luca (5PBs), Marley (5PBs), Scarlet (5PBs), Stephanie (PBs), Milly (4PBs), Charlie-R (3PBs), Alana (2PBs), Ali (2PBs), Gregor (2PBs), Oscar (2PBs), Amy-T (1PB), Jemima (1PB), Lily (1PB), Nicole (1PB), Ollie (1PB), Will (1PB), Jaz 11 races!

2019-04-21 13.24.17

WELL DONE to our CHAMPS team!

Well done to our team of six swimmers that competed at the British Championships in Glasgow. Racing took place over six days from Tues 16th through to Sun 21st. Our swimmers Alex, Charley, Daisy, Maria, Maisie and Max competed in 16 races.
Stand-out swims included: Maisie’s 400 and 1500 Freestyle Open finals where she finished 4th in both races; Daisy winning the Silver medal for the 200 Backstroke in the ‘Transitional’ age group (23 & under) and Charley’s 800 and 1500 Freestyle races where he finished 2nd and 3rd fastest 16 year old respectively.

Champs 2019 (Tw).PNG

Thanet Masters – East Invicta Masters

Massive WELL DONE to our Masters Squad at the East Invicta’s gala over the weekend of 13/14th April – they achieved some amazing results in both the relays and the individual races:
GOLD Men’s 200 years 200m free team
GOLD Men’s 160 years 200m medley team
GOLD Women’s 160 years 200m medley team
GOLD Women’s 120 years 200m free team
GOLD Men’s 200 years 200m medley team
GOLD Women’s 120 years 200m medley team
SILVER Women’s 160 years 200m free team
Individual Swims – medal tally: Gold 24, Silver 18, Bronze 1
Deborah Startin GGGGGS, Michael O’Toole GGGGGS,
Nolan Cocks GGGGG, Cathy Macartney SSSSSS,
Geoff Cocks GGGSS, Banu Ercon SSSSS,
Judy Wreford GGS, Stephanie Selsby GG,
Irvin Griffiths GS, Scott Roberts GS, Sue Jones B

Club reminders:

Away galas events info web-page [here],
Hosted Open galas events info web-page [here]
Open Water season – Training & racing plans published [here]

10th June Entries close for Henley Mile open water race
11th June Entries close for the 7Oaks “Schools Out” gala
15th & 29th June LC training at LAC:  10-12am
16th June OW training 12-4pm (and 7th July)
St Andrews Diving, Formby Rd, Halling, ME2 1HP
19th June Officials J1 Course at Hartsdown 6-8pm
(Modules 2 & 3: Wed 3rd July & Wed 16th Oct)
29th June Kent OW Champs
29th June Entries close for SER Open Water Champs
6th July John White OpenACCEPTED ENTRIES [link]
Session 1 Warm-up 12 noon, start 1pm
Session 2 Warm-up 3pm, start 4pm, finish 6pm
20th July Beach BBQ 2:30pm Botany Bay – Bookings here: [link]
5-18th Aug inclusive Club Summer break 

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