Swimming Apps for iPhone and iPad

Carl Owen is a parent with 2 children that swim at the Trojans Swimming Club in Dublin.

As a software developer he has created 2 swimming Apps for the iPhone / iPad

Swim PB is used to keep a record of a swimmer’s (or a group of swimmer’s) Personal Best times. Click here to find out more from the App Store

AG Swim can be used to convert Short Course times to Long Course times (25m to 50m and vice versa) for Age Group swimmers. Click here to find out more from the App Store.

You can use the promotional codes below to get the apps for free (usual cost is 89c). These codes can only be used for a single install (i.e. one install per code). We only have two codes per app, so only the first two people to use them will get the apps for free!

Swim PB redeem codes:



AG Swim redeem code:



To redeem the codes please follow these instructions:

1. Open the “APP Store” app

2. Select “Featured” from the bottom panel

3. Scroll all the way down to the bottom until you see the “Redeem” button

4. After selecting Redeem, enter the code and click “Redeem”. The download will begin automatically

If you have any feedback please Email Carl and don’t forget to recommend to others if you like the apps!

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