Kent Junior League update

The Kent Junior League 2014 will be have a new format as follows:-

* New structure is TWO divisions instead of the old five divisions;
* Division 1 is 12 teams ( hence two galas );
* Division 2 is 18 teams ( three galas );
* C teams are now allowed and Sevenoaks C has been accepted into the league;
* B and C teams can be promoted to Division 1;
* The Gala events programme (“running order”) is to be standardised across all three galas for each division;
* Gala ONE to be licensed for division one so that age group swimmers can get regional times;
* Gala three, Division one to be licensed, as usual.

The first gala is to be held on May, 17th this year ( a change from the usual June slot due to a clash with SE & London regions age-group championships ).

Gala One lineups.

Division 1:

A gala

sevenoaks A
Dover (host)
Saxon Crown

B gala

Beckenham A
Thanet (host)
Black Lion

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