Swimathon Rotary Club – Sat 18th October

Would any swimmers like to take part in the Rotary Club’s Swimathon taking place this Saturday (18th Oct) at Hartsdown?  The Rotary Club is able to take a couple of more teams.  You need a team of 6 swimmers.   The team takes turns to swim for a session of 55 minutes.  Available slots are on Saturday afternoon.   You will need to get some sponsors in advance.  Appreciate its very short notice!  Your sponsorship money  will go 50% to Rotary Club Sponsored Charities (Oasis Domestic Abuse, Scoliosis, Eradication of Polio, Margate Millenium Fund) and 50% to the Swim Club.  There is a trophy for the team that swims the most lengths in the 55 minutes.   If you would like to take part please email TSC_secretary@btinternet.com in advance for forms and further information.

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