British Summer Champs 2017

BSN-17This year we sent our biggest ever team of 15 swimmers to the British Summer Championships. The team participated in 49 heats swims and made 36 finals (incl HDW 1-10 places).  41% of the races delivered personal best times.  Three swimmers won a total of 5 medals:  Maisie two SILVERS, Alex a SILVER and a BRONZE and Olivia a BRONZE.  Full placings below:
Alex Boyd: 2nd 200IM*, 3rd 100Br*, 5th 50Br*, 15th 100Fly, 15th 200Fr*
Beth Williams: 7th 50Br*, 8th 100Br*
Charley Langford: 4th 400Fr*, 8th 1500Fr*
Daisy Anderson: 4th 400IM*, 6th 200IM, 6th 200Bk, 8th 200Fly, 10th 100Fly, 14th 50Bk, 15th 50Fly, 17th 100Bk
Hannah Denny:  9th 100Fly, 12th 50Fly*
Katie Latham: 8th 50Fr, 18th 100Fr
Kieran Dale: 4th 400IM*, 6th 200IM*, 7th 400Fr*, 10th 200Fly*
Maisie Macartney: 2nd 400Fr, 2nd 800Fr, 5th 200Fr, 7th 50Fr, 7th 100Fr
Maria Evans: 19th 200Fly
Max Jameson: 6th 200Fly, 18th 100Fly
Olivia Miles: 3rd 800Fr, 8th 400IM*, 13th 400Fr
Robyn Moon: 11th 100Bk 18th 200Bk
Rosie Arnold: 4th 100Br, 4th 200Br, 6th 400IM, 7th 200IM
Sam Crabtree: 9th 200Fr*, 10th 100Fr
Tobi Sijuade: 5th 50Br*, 9th 100Br, 12th 50Fly*
Girls 4×200 Free Relay* – Robyn, Daisy, Olivia & Maisie 7th
Girls 4×100 Medley Relay* – Robyn, Beth, Daisy & Maisie 7th
Holiday Swimmers:
Jakob Goodman: 1st 200Fr*, 3rd 1500Fr, 7th 400IM, 10th 200IM,
Joseph Russell: 4th 400Fr*, 5th 200IM*, 15th 400IM
(* PB in either heats or final or both)

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