Kent Championships – Weekend 3

The third weekend of Kents at Crystal Palace was our best weekend for results so far.  The girls were racing the Fly & Breast and the boys were racing the Back & Free.  We had 48 swimmers in 114 races, 77 of which placed top 8.
All in, the team won 14 Gold, 16 Silver and 12 Bronze ‘age group’ medals.
An amazing 79% of races returned 90 LC PBs!
A special well done to our debut County swimmers:
Betty Regelous and Isabella Piper.
Age Group category medallists this weekend were:
Alana Wright (1xB), Alex Boyd (1xG & 2xS), Amber Piper (1xS),
Archie Hawkins (2xS, 1xB), Ben Millington (1xS), Beth Williams (2xG),
Charley Langford (3xG & 1xS), Conor Wright (2xS), Daisy Anderson (2xG, 1xB),
Eva Oldfield (2xB), Hannah Denny (1xS), Kieran Dale (2xS),
Liam Hamp (1xG & 2xS), Lola Sutton (2xB), Luca McAvoy (1xB),
Maisie Macartney (1xS), Maria Evans (1xG), Max Jameson (2xG),
Max Parpworth (1xB), Nicole Palmer-Jones (1xB), Olivia Miles (1xG),
Olivia Parpworth (1xG, 1xS, 1xB) and William Reeves (1xG & 1xB).

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