Kent Championships – Weekend 4

2018-02-10-09-26-48.jpgFor the forth and final weekend of Kents at Crystal Palace our team were racing sprints at the London Aquatics Centre.  We had 49 swimmers in 151 races, 78 of which placed top 8.  All in, the team won 13 Gold, 16 Silver and 12 Bronze ‘age group’ medals. An amazing 81% of races returned 123 LC PBs!
A special well done to our debut County swimmers: Milly Roe and Amy Topping.
Age Group category medallists this weekend were:
Alex Boyd (1xG, 1xB), Amber Piper (1xB), Archie Hawkins (2xG, 1xS),
Beth Williams (1xG, 1xS), Charley Langford (1xG, 2xB),
Conor Wright (1xS, 1xB), Daisy Anderson (2xG, 1xB),
Halle Broughton (1xB), Hannah Denny (1xG), Josh Crabtree (1xS),
Katie Latham (1xG, 1xS), Kieran Dale (1xS), Liam Hamp (2xG, 1xS),
Lily Jewell (1xB), Luke Fowle (1xB), Maddie Lay (1xS, 1xB),
Maisie Macartney (1xS), Max Jameson (1xS),
Olivia Parpworth (1xG, 1xS), Saskia Mayburgh (1xS),
Tamzin Myburgh (1xS), Tobi Sijuade (2xS, 1xB),
William Reeves (1xG, 1xS, 1xB).

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