Congratulations to all SEVENTY of our swimmers that qualified for, and competed at, the Kent County Swimming Championships in January and February – they had 502 races between them!  Special WELL DONE to our 15 swimmers that made their Kent’s debut! (see * below)
Full results:

2019-01 KENTS (Tw)5.PNG

107 Medals which placed us 2nd in the medals table (39 Gold, 36 Silver & 32 Bronze) and another 142 finalists too!

Weekend 4 Achievements
We had 54 swimmers in 136 races
6x Kent Open & Jnr Champions
Kent Best swimmer Trophy: Daisy Anderson
Max 100 & 200 Back, Charlie 200Free (x2), Daisy 100 & 200Fly
37 Age Group Medals
15 Golds: Max 100 & 200Back, Charley 200Back, 100 & 200Free, Archie 100 & 200Back, Daisy 200Brst, 100 & 200Fly, Ivy 100Fly, Olivia-P 100 & 200Fly, Maria 200Fly, Sam 100Free.
10 Silvers: Josh 100 & 200Back, Daisy 100Brst, Sam 100Back, Charley 100Back, Maisie 100 & 200 Fly, Athena 100Fly, Olexa 200Fly, Liam 100Free.
12 Bronzes: Alex 200Back, Ollie 200Back, Nedas 200Back, Maddy 100 & 200 Brst, Luca 100Back & 200Free, Amber 200Brst, Liam 200Free, Archie 200Free, Nicole 200Fly, Ali 100Free.
37 additional Finalists (HDW places 4-8)
100 Free: Archie, Tobi, William, Josh, Luca, Ashton
200 Free: Ali, Ashton, William
100 Fly: Olexa, Lola, Maria, Alana, Milly, Nicole
200 Fly: Alana, Lola, Olivia-M, Annabel, Amber
100 Brst: Amber, Lily, Amy, Olivia-P, Niamh, Athena
200 Brst:
Olivia-M, Niamh, Olivia-P, Alana

100 Back: Liam, Nedas, Ben
200 Back:
Sam, Liam, Jack, Ben

Weekend 3 Achievements
We had 58 swimmers in 132 races
6x Kent Open & Jnr Champions
Max-J 100 & 200 Fly, Daisy 200Free, 100 & 200Back, Alex 100Brst,
22 Age Group Medals
9 Golds: Archie 100Fly, Max-J 100 & 200Fly, Daisy 200Free, 100 & 200Back, Maisie 100Free, Alex 100Brst, Tamzin 200Back,
6 Silvers: Charley 100Fly, Olivia-P 200Free & 200Back, Archie 200Fly, Tobi 100Brst, Oscar-M 100Brst
7 Bronzes: Liam 100Fly, Ivy 200Free, Olivia-P 100Free & 100 Back, Charley 200Fly, Oscar-M 200Brst, Luke 200Brst
41 additional Finalists (HDW places 4-8)
100 Free: Halle, Daisy, Ivy, Athena, Amber, Alana, Nicole, Evie
200 Free: Amber, Alana, Maddy, Nicole, Robyn, Olexa, Olivia-M
100 Fly: Jack, Ali, Harry, Josh, Alex, 
200 Fly: Liam, Kieran, Oscar, Toby
100 Brst: Liam, Nedas, Harry, Gregor, Liam
200 Brst:

100 Back: Halle, Robyn, Olexa, Ivy, Katie-M, Lucy
200 Back:
Olexa, Maisie, Halle, Robyn, Niamh

Weekend 2 Achievements
6x Kent Open & Jnr Champions
Alex 200IM, Daisy 200IM & Charley 800Free (x2) & 400 Free (x2)
24 Age Group Medals
10 Golds: Alex 200IM, Daisy 200IM, Charley 400 & 800Fr, Oscar-M 800Fr, Tamzin 400Fr, Olivia-P 200IM & 400IM, Olivia-M 400IM, Athena 200IM
8 Silvers: Tamzin 200IM & 400IM, Olivia-M 1500Fr, Maddy 1500Fr, Evie 1500Fr, Amber 400Fr, Olivia-P 400Fr, Lily 400IM
6 Bronzes: Ivy 200IM, Lily, 1500Fr, Alana 1500Fr, Olivia-M 400Fr, Kieran 400IM, Oscar-M 400IM
29 additional Finalists (HDW places 4-8)
200IM:  Luke, Oscar-M, Conor, Josh, Will, Liam-H, Nedas & Jack
200IM:  Olivia-M, Katie, Lily, Maddy & Olexa
400IM: Conor, Will, Maddy, Alana, Amber, JasmineP
400Fr: Lily, Evie, Maddy, Olexa, Athena, Kieran, Nedas, Will & Sam
800Fr: Ben

Weekend 1 Achievements
24 Age Group Medals
6 Golds: Liam 50Fr, Evie 800Fr, Tobi 50Br, Conor 50Br, Tobi 50Fly, Oscar 1500Fr
10 Silvers: Alex 50Fr, 50Br & 50Fly, Amber 50Br, Maddy 50 Br, Archie 1500Fr & 50Bk Olivia-P 800Fr & 50Bk, Liam 50Fly
8 Bronzes: Josh 50Fr, Olivia-P 50Fly, Alana 800Fr, Nicole 800Fr, Olivia-M 800Fr, Halle 50Fr, Archie 50Fly, Robyn 50Bk
35 additional Finalists (incl HDW places 4-8)
50Fr: Archie, Ali, Tobi, Ashton, Olivia-P, Olexa, Amber, Athena
50Br: Lily, Olivia-P, Amy-T, Niamh, Oscar-M, Ali, Liam, Gregor
50Fly: Ivy, Halle, Tamzin, Harry, Luke & Luca
50Bk: Liam, Luca, Nedas, Max-P, Tamzin, Olexa, Evie & Lucy
800Fr: Lily, Maddy & Lola
1500Fr: Oli-P & Ben

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