Thanet Development Gala

Thank you to everyone that attended our Development Gala on Saturday 2nd March. Thank you to all visiting clubs: Ashford, Canterbury, Dover, Faversham, Folkestone, Herne Bay, Maidstone and Sheerness, we had over 400 swimmers in entered for 1361 races! Full results are available [here].
Photographs from the event are available to purchase via the following links:

Warm Up (password: 6NKqMMkf96) Works
(WTqcQYp2Go) Works
(XrY6ASRGRX) Doesn’t work
(AcO3m0yxOh) Works
(KwUzQP29e9) Works
(U7sZcSLsXK) Doesn’t work
(B1AoKeLN5d) Works
(RgECu9KODZ) Works
Free access to photographs of Thanet swimmers will be on Flickr soon,
access details [here]

Flickr Photos

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