SE Region Youth Champs 2019

Massive WELL DONE to our youth team at the South East Region championships:
Daisy [GGGSBB,7xF], Halle [SBB, 4xF, 1xPB], Josh [2xF, 1xPB], Kieran,
Hannah [SS, 4xF, 1xPB], Max [BB, 2xF, 2xPB], Lily [2xF, 1xPB],
Charley [GSS, 5xF,1xPB], Maddy [S, 5xF, 1xPB], Maisie [GGSB, 5xF],
Luca [4xF, 2xPB], Olivia [B, 3xF], Oscar [3xF, 1xPB], Ben [2xF],
Robyn [1xF], Tamzin [1xF], Ali [1xF], Milly [1xPB], Tobi [1xPB],
Conor [S, 1xF, 1xPB].
Thank you to our additional relay swimmers: Toby, Luke, Archie
3rd Ladies 4×200 Free (MM, DA, OM, RM)
3rd Ladies 4×100 Medley (RM, LJ, DA, MM)
4th Ladies 4×100 Medley (MM, DA, OM, LJ)
7th & 12 Boys 4x 200Free (OM, LM, AH, JC), (AS, CW, BM, TC)
8th & 18th Boys 4x 100Free (LM, JC, AS, AH), (OM, BM, LF, TC)
9th & 17th Boys 4x 200Free (JC, CW, LF, LM), (AH, OM, AS, BM)
{G=Gold, S=Silver, B=Bronze F=Finalist 1-8, PB = Long Course PB}

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