Excellent results from the LAC

Well done to our team that attended the 3-day Beckenham International meet over the Easter weekend.  Our 35-strong team competed in 150 races, and despite the really long days and very hot conditions, our swimmers made a concerted effort to cheer each other on to get the best results – it really paid dividends as a whopping 98 of these races returned great PBs and the team came away with 34 medals!
Standout swims included:
Maddy (GGSSSB all PBs), Amber (GG, 4PBs), Archie (GSSB 5PBs & 1st 14y/o in 800Fr Open), Olivia-M (GSB), Evie (GS 2 PBs), Olivia-P (GS), Ivy (GS 2PBs), Robyn (G), Halle (SSSB 2PBs), Conor (SSB 3PBs), Josh (SBB 6PBs), Kieran (BB), Olexa (B, 2PBs), Liam (B, 4PBs), Toby (PB in all 8 races!), Ben (5PBs), Luca (5PBs), Marley (5PBs), Scarlet (5PBs), Stephanie (PBs), Milly (4PBs), Charlie-R (3PBs), Alana (2PBs), Ali (2PBs), Gregor (2PBs), Oscar (2PBs), Amy-T (1PB), Jemima (1PB), Lily (1PB), Nicole (1PB), Ollie (1PB), Will (1PB), Jaz 11 races!

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