Latest ProSwimwear Discount Codes

ProSwimwear will issue a new count down 10% discount voucher every day, untill the start of the Games in 35 days!

Blue Seventy TX Race suits – promotion code “nerotx” (ends 20th July)

Zoggs swimwear, goggles and equipment – promotion code “zoggs” (ends 21st July)

Arena Powerskin Z Raptor – promotion code “zraptor” (ends 22nd July)

TYR Fusion 2 race suits – promotion code “fusion2” (ends 23rd July)

Aquasphere products – promotion code “aquasphere” (ends 24th July)

Swim Caps – promotion code “swimcap” (ends 26th July)

PLUS a 5% discount on all other products just use the promotion code “games”

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