Rankings and Personal Bests

In a move to try and provide more up-to-date information regarding swimmers personal bests, these will now be published monthly by squad and then in alpabetical order i.e. you will now be able to find a swimmers PBs all in one place for all strokes.

However, we will endeavour to provide information regarding how swimmers rank against their club mates in each of the individual disciplines 4 times a year i.e. after East Invicta, Kent County Championship, South East Regionals and Nationals.

We recognise that the rankings have not been updated for some time but it does require significant more effort to produce and publish. However, rankings for the last 12 months from licensed meet can be always be found on the ASA website here. This can be filtered by stroke, gender, age group and club – it won’t include any time trials or times achieved at an unlicensed meet.

Both the Personal Bests and Rankings information can be found here.

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