Thanet Separated Medley

Thank you to all the volunteers that helped and also all the clubs that supported this event to make a great climax to the domestic gala season.

With a bye-line ‘Splash for Cash’ a number of our swimmers were certainly in the money:

Rowan Fuss and Adam Mitchell in the 9-year-old age group

Maisie Macartney, Beth Williams, Alexander Boyd and Thomas King in the 10-year-old age group

Chloe Parkinson, Robyn Moon and Jack Baker in the 11-year-old age group

Hannah Denny in the 12-year-old age group with Oscar Macartney, Louis Thomas and Joshua Lewis taking a clean sweep for the boys.

Kristyana Papa-Adams and Jordon Honour in the 13-year-old age group

Lauren Joy, Aaron Clements and Casey Harte in the 15 and over age group.

Also, well done to Maisie, Hannah, Lauren, Rowan, Jack, Oscar and Aaron who also picked up BAGCAT award by way of a voucher from Swim Supplies.

Full results can be found here and the results from the Time Trials here.

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