Welsh Nationals

Thanet Swim Club was represented at Welsh Summer Nationals by a 9-strong team of swimmers: Aaron Clements (18), Josh Dunk (14), Kristyana Papa-Adams (13) Lauren Palmer Jones (13), Elloise Clements, Sam Crabtree, Hannah Denny, Josh Lewis and Louis Thomas (all 12).  Our swimmers were supported by a team of 10 proud parents and siblings.  Chief among these was our coach for the week, Allison Allen.  The team achieved places in 13 finals and took home 2 Gold, 4 Silver and 2 Bronze medals.  5 club records were broken and the team’s total PB’s amounted to almost 200 seconds.

Day 1 – Saturday 22st July

TSC’s Welsh Nationals was kicked off to a great start by Aaron Clements in the 50m breaststroke when he secured a place in the finals in the very first race of the competition, and followed this up by finishing in 4th place with a personal best time of 32.85 seconds.

The remaining eight team members all participated in the 200IM; Hannah Denny secured the 5th fastest 12 year old girl in 2:42.69 secs and Louis Thomas was the 8th fastest 12 year old boy in 2:46.73 seconds.  Five of our swimmers achieved PB’s (notably Josh Dunk with 7.54 secs and Sam Crabtree with 5.50 secs).

In the afternoon session seven of our swimmers took part in the 100 Back; Hannah Denny secured a place as the 5th fastest 12 year old girl and Louis Thomas secured was 5th fastest 12 year old boy with Sam Crabtree a whisker behind him in 6thplace.  Four PB’s were achieved, including Josh Dunk’s 3.12 secs.

Day 2 – Sunday 23rd July

Sunday for our team started with the 400 Free; seven swimmers competed and all achieved PBs (which amassed to an astonishing 60 seconds, half of which were achieved by Josh Lewis in a fabulous swim, Kristyana also had an excellent race with a 5 second PB).  Louis and Sam secured places as 5th and 6th fastest 12 year olds.

Aaron Clements then secured final places in the 50 Free and the 200 IM and brought home Gold and Silver Medals in 25.11 and 2:14.94 seconds respectively.  Aaron’s 50m time set a new club record.

Day 3 – Monday 24th July

Seven of our swimmers took part in the 200 Back; Louis Thomas and Sam Crabtree were 2nd and 5th 12 year olds in the heats.  In the final Louis achieved 5th place with a time of 2:40.74; Josh Dunk delivered a massive 8 second PB.  Elloise Clements’ race was very exciting.

Seven swimmers also took part in the 100 Free:  Louis Thomas and Hannah Denny both competed in the finals finishing in 4th and 5th places, both were only a photo finish away from a medal.  All swimmers achieved PBs, notably Josh Lewis and Lauren Palmer Jones knocking 5.5 secs and 3.5 secs off their LC entry times.

Next was the 200 Medley relays, the girls achieved 9th place in 2:22.27with all PBs and the boys were 11th with 2:25.79.

Aaron Clements achieved two further places in the finals and finished with a Silver medal for his 50 Fly time of 27.09 secs, a new club record, and a 4th place in the 100 Breaststroke in 1:11.79.

Day 4 – Tuesday 25th July

Day 4 started with a real buzz;  Aaron Clements secured a place in the 50m Backstroke final with a 29.64 sec swim, another club record, and achieved a Bronze medal in the final.

Sam Crabtree then won the Gold medal in the 1500m Freestyle with a 37 sec PB in 19:16.70.  Josh Dunk was just inside his PB despite having pulled a shoulder muscle.

Three swimmers tackled the 200 Fly with Hannah Denny and Sam Crabtree being the 5th and 6th fastest 12 year olds respectively.

The Girls 4x50m Freestyle relay team came home in 6th place with a time of 2:04.31.

Day 5 – Wednesday 26th July

Six swimmers participated in the 200 Free:  Louis Thomas made the final in 5th position and after a very exciting race won the Silver medal through a 6.5 second PB in 2:17.59; Lauren Palmer-Jones also achieved a good PB of 5 seconds; and Hannah Denny was the third fastest 12 year old.

Aaron maintained his continuous string of finalist places in the 100 Fly with a heats placing of 5th.

Day 6 – Thursday 27th July

Day 6 started with the girls 800m free; Elloise and Lauren participated with Lauren achieving a 17 second PB in 10:32.23.

In the 100m Fly, we had four swimmers; Hannah and Louis made the finals and both came 5th with 1:10.80 and 1:13.53 respectively.  Hannah’s time set a new club record.  Elloise also PB’d.

The competition was brought to a close by Aaron Clements who won Bronze in the 400IM with a 5:03.04 and Silver in the 100 Free in 55.12 which also broke the meet record and our club record.

Individual best LC PB per 50m (excluding relays):

3.91    Josh Lewis (400 Free)

2.07    Josh Dunk (200 Back)

1.62    Louis Thomas (200 Free)

1.40    Sam Crabtree (100 Free)

1:37    Hannah Denny (200 IM)

1.20    Lauren Palmer Jones (200 Free)

0.80    Elloise Clements (100 Fly)

0.79    Aaron Clements (50 Breast)

0.63    Kristyana Papa-Adams (400 Free)

Full results can be found here.

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